Day 19 of Advent: While We are Waiting Come…

This year, FM station 106.7 in New York City switched to all Christmas Music the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  It was too soon I thought, but soon, I was listening to the station every time I got into my car.  With all of the hustle and bustle on the road, grid lock alert days, and challenging weather, the Christmas Music helped me stay calm.  While the rotation of FM 106.7 stays pretty close to the same rotation of Christmas Music, they do introduce some newer versions of Christmas Classics to the masses.

What newer Christmas Song or updated version of a classic would be added to my Christmas Playlist this year?

In recent years, my personal Christmas Playlist has embraced the following newer versions of classics and some Christmas songs that were new to me, while not that new, including:

Oh Holy Night! by Josh Groban

Oiche Chiun (Silent Night) by Enya

Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan

The Little Drummer Boy  by Josh Groban

It’s the Messiah by Wynonna

Away in a Manger  by Casting Crowns

Pipes of Peace by Paul McCartney

Do you have a new favorite Christmas Song to add to my list?

Marble Collegiate Church in New York City has embraced a hymn to sing to replace the Doxology during Advent this year.  Do you know the hymn?  For some reason, the hymn written by Claire Cloninger, an accomplished author and lyricist has moved me.  Just really put me in the Advent spirit.  I am going to share the words with you and you can click on the youtube video to listen.

While we are waiting, come
While we are waiting, come
Jesus our Lord, Emmanuel,
While we are waiting, come

Music brings such joy during the Advent Season.  May you be open to a new Christmas Song this year and expand your Christmas Playlist.

Marcie Doll

P.S.  Here is one to watch too!

Music to inspire you on your Advent journey…

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  1. My Mother-in-law likes Michael Bublé’s version of “Feliz Navidad” – we have to listen to it at least once a year!

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