Day 15 of Advent: The Lamplighter

“In the old days, there was a person in every town who would light the street lamps with a flame he carried at the end of a long pole.  On the street corners, the lamps waited to be lit.  Sometimes, however the street lamps were not easily accessible…there were lamps in forsaken places.  Someone had to light even those lamps so that they would fulfill their purpose and light up the paths of others.  Today too, someone must be willing to forgo his or her conveniences and reach out to light even those forsaken lamps…”

Adapted from a public talk from the Rebbe

There is darkness in our world.  Light provides hope.  Advent for Christians is the time we prepare for Christmas–the anniversary of the Christ child’s birth over two thousand years ago.

As we anticipate Christ’s arrival, let us think of others.  With the spirit of thankfulness, let us be mindful of our gifts and what we might share with others…some are lonely, ill, broken in spirit, or in need of encouragement and understanding.

Like the lamplighter long ago, may we be givers of light and hope as we journey toward this Christmas with open hearts.

Evelyn Doll

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