Day 6 of Advent: “Holy is His Name”

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord,
And my spirit exalts in God my Savior.
For He has looked with mercy on my lowliness;
And my name will be forever exalted.
For the mighty God has done great things for me,
And His mercy will reach from age to age.

Holy, holy, holy is His name.

“Holy Is His Name” by John Michael Talbot

This refrain plays repeatedly in my head during the Christmas season. I don’t remember when I first heard it, I don’t even remember the last time I listened to the recording (we had the record when I was a child), I do, however, remember singing it one time at my Uncle’s log cabin in central Wisconsin while doing the holiday dishes. And my mother sang along. She has a beautiful voice and I love harmonizing with her. Years back, well before my parents were divorced, they used to sing together. My dad playing the guitar and mom harmonizing, it seemed like the absolutely perfect thing for a couple to do together and made me feel completely safe. When my parents divorced it felt like I would never have that sense of comfort and warmth again in my life. But, by the grace of God, I do. I have new traditions, including Christmas with my in-laws; a three-day celebration with nights by the fireplace, big dinners, and quizzes solved by family and friends. And still this song runs through my mind filling me with love and hope and thanks. It reminds me of the sacrifices my mother made for me and my siblings as we were growing up. It reminds me of the dreams that I have for the future. It reminds me that no matter what, I have always been taken care of. His mercy does reach from age to age and it encompasses me, and you.

Anna Nugent

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