Day 3 of Advent: Random Acts of Kindness

This Advent season, Marble’s staff member Ashley Johnson will be posting an online Advent Calendar: 24 Random Acts of Kindness. Follow her journey of doing little things to give back every day on Facebook.  And if you are inspired to do so, join in and let us know on our Facebook page Marble Collegiate Church how your journey is going!

“Becoming a mother this year made me think about traditions that I want to begin, or continue, with my little one as he grows older and begins to understand the season. I wanted to find something we could do to grow together as a family. Teaching him about empathy towards others and being kind is an important lesson and one I need to remind myself of sometimes. Inspired by a Pinterest post I pinned when I was curating Marble’s Christmas board, I decided to make an Advent calendar that instead of getting or being introspective, made me think and grow by doing and giving. It didn’t need to be full of big gestures, just something small and doable, a butterfly flap of the wing that could perhaps create a bigger change for someone else and maybe even me.

You are welcome to participate along with me as I pull a directive for a new act of kindness out of the Advent calendar on my door each day until Christmas. I’ll be photo documenting and sharing my journey on Facebook and I hope that you’ll join me in this and share your experiences and photos with me of how your 24 acts of kindness unfold over Advent. I’m excited to share how I hope to be making a small difference and I look forward to hearing from you on how you decide to fulfill the suggested action selected each day!”

-Ashley Johnson

In keeping with the season, it’s nice to be reminded that in little acts of kindness, we can make a big difference in someone’s day.

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