Welcome to Marble Women’s Ministry Advent Blog

The Marble Women’s Ministry Leadership Team and some wonderful guests will share their prayers, thoughts, favorite memories and gifts through a daily Advent blog.  The season of Advent is filled with a flurry of activities, so much so that we may lose sight of the real meaning of the season.  The team wants to renew the hope of the expectant birth of Christ. Come share our prayerful and creative journey to Christmas.

Marcie Doll and the Marble Women’s Ministry

3 responses to “Welcome to Marble Women’s Ministry Advent Blog”

  1. Marcie, thank you for creating this blog for our team. May we experience the joy and mystery of Christmas together. Felix Navidad!

    • This is a fantastic way to embrace the hope faith and love of Christmas as we wait in anticipation for all that God will do.

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